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CA Wild Sheep Foundation announces Give a Lamb A Drink at Fundraiser May 6, 2017
May 6, 2017

Throughout the years from the inception of CA WSF, there has been a dedication to improving habitat, specifically by providing water, for wild sheep. It’s no surprise then that over $200,000 by CA WSF in the last six years has been spent on installing ‘drinkers’ on the mountains for sheep and other wildlife. But that’s not enough, as CA WSF VP of Operations Mike Borel shared with us at the recent annual banquet and fundraiser.
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April 12th - Wildlife Conservation and Wilderness: Wishful Thinking?
Wildlife Conservation and Wilderness: Wishful Thinking? by Vernon C. Bleich, as published in Vol 2 of the Natural Areas Journal explores wilderness management objectives and wildlife conservation objectives which are often in conflict with each other, despite conservation being one of six basic reasons for which wilderness is established.
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Wild Sheep Foundation Attempts Collaboration with U.S. Sheep Experiment
After 5 weeks of intense face-­‐to-­‐face discussions, conference call participation, and lengthy email exchanges, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) regrettably reports inability to reach a workable solution with domestic sheep industry representatives from Idaho and elsewhere on future operations of the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station (USSES), headquartered in Dubois, ID. Read more.
CA Wild Sheep Foundation says proposed Soda Mountain Solar Project will jeopardize wildlife populations
Bechtel’s project along I- 15 would likely add “another nail in the coffin” to wild sheep unless modifications are made. Pending legislation may help wildlife. Read more.
Protecting desert bighorn sheep migration corridors in Mojave Desert: Guest commentary By John D. Wehausen and Clinton W. Epps
The freeways across our deserts have fragmented what was once a continuous network of interconnected bighorn sheep populations. Bechtel’s proposed Soda Mountain Solar Project along Interstate 15 would likely add another nail in the coffin of these sheep by precluding the re-establishment of a critical migration corridor across Interstate 15 that could reconnect bighorn sheep populations on either side. Read more.
Bighorn Sheep: Conservation Challenges & Management Strategies for the 21st Century
Published by the Wild Sheep Working Group of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, July 2014. Learn more.
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