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The Annual Banquet and Fundraiser is Coming!

Fundraiser News

We already have a spectacular 2022 Stone Sheep hunt lined up. Tickets are only $100 to win a $43,500 hunt (need not be present to win). We have other exciting giveaways in the works, but it is not too late for you to get involved in planning, volunteering, or helping out. Get more information about the upcoming fundraiser, and raffle tickets that are already available.

WSF National - Call to Action
Donate to the Southern Interior Land Trust (SILT)
To Help Preserve Critical Sheep Habitat


Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta is putting out a call to action with its members and general public to donate funds to help raise money for the Southern Interior Land Trust (SILT). SILT will utilize these funds to purchase valuable sheep conservation property near Grand Forks, BC.

This is an opportunity to ensure that critical sheep habitat is maintained and not turned into land development. It is home to roughly 300 California Bighorns and other ungulates. SILT believes in continuing the hunting heritage and habitat preservation in this area for generations to come. In February, SILT purchased the property adjacent to LOT 493 with the help of WSSBC.

Even though we live with borders, sheep in North America do not. As leaders in conservation, Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta believes in supporting crucial conservation projects such as this to ensure that wild sheep populations can thrive for years to come. WSFA is committing $5,000 to SILT for the acquisition of this property. We are looking to raise an additional $50,000 from its members and general public to assist SILT in purchasing this property. Currently, we have a donor that will match dollar to dollar donated, up to $50,000!!! Anyone in Alberta willing to donate to this Call to Action will receive a Charitable Tax Donation from WSFA and will receive recognition for their donation.

This is your chance to “Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain”. If you are wanting to donate, please contact our Treasurer Brian Scott at
brians@wsfab.org and if you want more information about the project, please contact Dominic Widdifield at projects@wsfab.org For more information, please download a document with more information.
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