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We already have a spectacular 2022 Stone Sheep hunt lined up. Tickets are only $100 to win a $43,500 hunt (need not be present to win). We have other exciting giveaways in the works, but it is not too late for you to get involved in planning, volunteering, or helping out. Get more information about the upcoming fundraiser, and raffle tickets that are already available.

Talk is Sheep
Wild Sheep Society of BC

Undoubtedly, you prepare for a sheep hunt for months. Strength & conditioning, e-scouting, food lists, gear prep, and equipment upgrades. But when it comes to a successful sheep hunt, often gear isn’t the most important factor — despite being the fun and easy one.

Sheep ID is one of the most important pieces of the sheep hunters arsenal – the best optics in the world won’t help if you don’t know what you are looking at. Thankfully, the folks at the Wild Sheep Society of B.C. are on top of this, and will be rolling out a series of Zoom webinars titled “Talk is Sheep”.

In the first installment, WSSBC’s Communication Committee sits down with Provincial Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Specialist Bill Jex to talk about horn aging and an update on a WSSBC supported Stone Sheep Project in the Cassiars.

This video is long by YouTube standards (1.5 hours) but it includes a lot of information. Do you know the one-year bulge and how to find it? If you can’t “feel” the one year bulge you can’t really age the sheep accurately! And is that really an age ring or not? Maybe is “fake age” patterning. This video will really help you learn a lot more about the horns and aging your ram.

Go to YouTube to see the video.

Editor’s Note: We would like to thank the WSSBC for allowing us to share this content.
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