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We already have a spectacular 2022 Stone Sheep hunt lined up. Tickets are only $100 to win a $43,500 hunt (need not be present to win). We have other exciting giveaways in the works, but it is not too late for you to get involved in planning, volunteering, or helping out. Get more information about the upcoming fundraiser, and raffle tickets that are already available.

CA WSF Supporting University of Wyoming Study on "the role of harvest, demography and changing environments on horn size of mountain sheep"

The California Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation (CA WSF) is pleased to be participating in the University of Wyoming study on horn size in response to multiple environmental factors.

According to the study…

Hunting of wild populations has been an important part of human existence since the beginning of our species. In North America, hunting has a long history as a fundamental component of wildlife management. Following the exploitation and near extirpation of many wildlife species in the 1800s, biologists, managers and sportsmen developed a set of principles that allowed them to not only sustainably harvest wild game, but also to return many of the nearly extinct populations back to robust numbers. This body of principles, better known as the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, recognized hunting as the cornerstone of wildlife management, and is arguably one of the most successful sets of tools used for the conservation and management of wild species throughout the world.
Beyond its importance as a tool in wildlife management, hunting also provides one of the largest sources of funding for management and conservation of both game and non-game species in North America. Hunting generates billions of dollars each year through federal taxes that directly benefit the conservation and management of wildlife and their habitat throughout North America.
Without the efforts of early sportsmen and anglers in developing the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, and the continued monetary contributions of both hunters and anglers today, many of our wild populations and the habitat upon which they rely likely would no longer exist.
… You may download the 2017 update of this study.


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