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Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain Since 2002

Thank you for your continuing support of CAWSF.
Please stay safe during these turbulent times.

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Current Grant Projects

There is an updated summary of the Give a Lamb a Drink project. Please take a look at know that the money we raise is well spent.

We recently sponsored a guzzler installation, and there are some great pictures of all the work that goes into one of these projects.

Grant support for the study of “Characterizing the Spread and Consequences of Respiratory Disease for Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Eastern Mohave Desert” with Oregon State University
- August 2019 Progress Report available

Grant support for the study of “Prevention of Bighorn sheep die-offs due to pneumonia” conducted by Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine

- Srikumaran Progress Report 2012-13
- Srikumaran Progress Report 2013-14

Give a Lamb A Drink in cooperation with SCBS to fund building materials for drinkers
- See photos of some of the work at the Society for Conservation of Bighorn Sheep website
- See video of the Lava Guzzler Installation in 2017
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The Marvin Wood guzzler in the Clipper mountains demonstrates just how vital these fixtures are to wild sheep, and perhaps sheds a little insight into why they are called guzzlers and not sippers.
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