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When you blow a stalk, do you give up or gear up?
Sadly only one person could win our Stone Sheep trip for 2021.
Luckily you have another opportunity for our 2022 Stone Sheep Promo!

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Thank you for your support of wild sheep in California.

CA WSF Sponsors Creosote Drinker Installation in 2019

It takes a lot of funds, and a lot of volunteer sweat to create a successful new Guzzler for wild sheep. This is the mission for Give a Lamb a Drink.

Please let us know if you can provide more details and captions for images.
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It took a great team coming together.

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You could be part of an awesome team like this making a real difference.
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Drinkers are designed to be inconspicuous, and tough.

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After meeting at a rally point, those with suitable vehicles convoy into the location.

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Heavy equipment takes care of the worst work.

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The ground has to be carefully prepared to insure the integrity and lifespan of the lining.

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Positioning the lining, all hands on deck!

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Of course there is good food and ample socializing.

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Volunteers of all ages can get involved.

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Burying the reservoir.

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