CA WSF Fundraiser — Yes we are already gearing up for our primary fundraising efforts in 2022.
We will be offering world-beating odds drawing once-in-a-lifetime quality sheep hunts.
Our event will be live in person, April 30th, 2022.
Please save the date! You must be in the room to be eligible for the life member sheep hunt drawing.

See up to date 2022 Fundraiser News for more information.

Important debate — gambling on desert sheep versus high speed train to Las Vegas.
read about it and be prepared to act.

“We cannot allow a Florida company to come in and profit at the expense of our
state’s biological resources,” said Chris Clarke of the nonprofit National Parks
Conservation Assn." (The article mis-names CAWSF as the "Wild Sheep Assn.",
but trust us, they were talking about us and we are advocating for our beloved sheep!)

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Chapter News

  • CA WSF has concluded its main 2021 virtual fundraising event on CA WSF Fundraiser — Virtual Event Concluded April 24.
  • Congratulations to the winners of our big drawings:
    • Stone Sheep Hunt Winner: Ticket #1380, William Miller
    • Dall Sheep Hunt Winner: Distinguished Life Member Shawn Wood
Congratulations to both, and a sincere Thank You for all that participated. Maybe next year will be "your" year!

Conservation News

  • Eastman's has a nice announcement on the important conservation step of delisting grey wolves!
  • As most have heard, Texas lost three members of our wildlife conservation family last month. A helicopter crash claimed the lives of Texas State Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Bob Dittmar, Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist Dewey Stockbridge and Texas Parks and Wildlife Technician Brandon White during the annual Desert Bighorn sheep survey. This has happened in California and, unfortunately, shows once again how dangerous these sheep surveys via flights can be. Please go to the Texas Bighorn Society page and make a donation to help support the families of these three great conservationists.
  • What Next for Wildlife Conservation? Exciting new video from Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) President and CEO, Gray N. Thornton.

Mountain Hunting News

  • Please read and consider "A Call for More Nuanced Dialogues About Trophy Hunting", Mitchell et al. from The Journal of Wildlife Management. This is a thoughtful introspection into trophy hunting and it may help you clarify your thoughts, or be useful to share with others.
  • The Alpine chamois is one of the few wildlife species that is included in the European Union’s Council Directive 92/43/EEC (“on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora”) and can also be sustainably hunted. A new 75-page study, Die Gams in Europa (“The Chamois in Europe”) gives a comprehensive overview on the status of the chamois in the EU and Switzerland, and explains chamois monitoring and hunting methods. Even if you don't read German or know how to use Google translate, the pictures alone are worth a gander.

Sheep News

  • Right now you could buy a beautiful heirloom book about wild sheep, AND get a chance to win a hunt. YETI and the Wild Sheep Foundation are pleased to present WILD SHEEP, a spectacularly illustrated book on an iconic species, the unspoiled high countries they live in, and the men and women captivated by their existence. Get the details here.
  • Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) Call to Action to support the Southern Interior Land Trust, prime sheep habitat.
  • This video, Talk is Sheep, will really help you learn a lot more about sheep horns and aging rams. Find out more.
  • Translocating mountain goats works! From Peninsula Daily News: "A science experiment conducted in real time, the translocation of mountain goats from the Olympic Mountains to the Cascade Range has provided federal and state biologists with a number of initial takeaways on whether the agile ungulates are gaining a proper foothold in their new habitats or simply scrambling for purchase." I think we can all agree that more goats in more places is a very good thing! Read the full article.

  • Did you know you could hunt wild mountain sheep, in… Nebraska? Neither did we. You might want to put this on your radar or in your application strategy for future years. We all need to get lucky and draw a tag somewhere, right? More information on Nebraska big game hunting and sheep permit lottery here.
  • Seventh World Ungulate Conference by Vernon C. Bleich, 2019
  • CDFW Desert Bighorn Sheep Status Report: November 2013 to October 2016
  • CDFW Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program 2015-2016 Annual Report
  • CDFW Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program 2013-2014 Annual Report
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