Special Drawings

When you blow a stalk, do you give up or gear up?
Sadly only one person could win our Stone Sheep trip for 2021.
Luckily you have another opportunity for our 2022 Stone Sheep Promo!

The store has tickets available now, we run out every year, so why wait?
Thank you for your support of wild sheep in California.

Spring 2021 Presidents Message

Application season is upon us once again and I want to be the first to wish all of you luck in this year’s drawings. I sincerely hope some of our members will draw some of these coveted sheep tags in our Western States.

Many of you, like me, are perhaps guaranteed a tag of some kind of tag here in California as many of us were forced to return our tags to the State due to fire closures. Let’s hope for a far more benign fire season this year.

I was very pleased to see the success of the Wild sheep Foundation’s Virtual National Convention, “The Experience.” I want to thank each and every one of you that participated and helped to make it a huge success. All of us look forward to a time we can get together in person again and celebrate all things “wild sheep.”

Speaking of getting together, unfortunately we will have to do a Virtual Fundraiser again this year. We appreciate you sticking with us and staying focused on the mission. We have our Auction online and you can
get involved now!

In the meantime, progress is being made on the pandemic and we are slowly returning to normalcy. Sheep hunters are tough, and we need only “tough it out” for a little while longer. Though, we here in CA may have to “tough it out” longer than the rest of the country. A tragic set of circumstances that is the byproduct of being the world’s sixth-largest economy ran by the world’s worst politicians. Never the less, don’t lose hope. At least the wild turkey season is fast approaching and that will give many of us a reason to get back into the field.
Good luck in the draws! Good luck this turkey season! I look forward to seeing all of you soon!
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