Member Showcase

We would like to have all of your wild sheep and hunt-related photographs to post in the CA WSF showcases.

Please submit field photos to MyEmail including a brief description of the location of photo.

For trophy and other photos please send them to scase and please include a brief description regarding each of the photos.
  • Stacks Image 39936
    Michelle Corder
    California Bighorn Ram
    Dry Creek Outfitters
    January 2017
    11.5 years old
  • Stacks Image 39965
    Adam Lanier
    Boone and Crockett Bighorn
    G&J Outdoors
    November 2016
  • Stacks Image 40071
    Bob Keagy
    Desert Bighorn
    Amigo Guides & Outfitters
    January 2017
    This completes Bob’s Triple Slam
  • Stacks Image 40077
    Jim McIssac
    Bighorn Sheep
    New Mexico
    Dry Creek Outfitters
    December 2016
  • Stacks Image 40056
    Dan Smith III
    California Bighorn Ram
    Orocopias, with the Dry Creek Outfitters team
    November 2016
    11 years old, 182”
  • Stacks Image 40062
    Kyle Meintzer
    with Ace In the Hole Outfitters
    Jake Franklin, Guide
    Nate Olsen and James Waxe, sub-guides
    September 2016
    Backpack hunt at 11,500’
  • Stacks Image 39960
    Adam Casagrande
    California bighorn in Idaho
    Self Guided
    November 2016
  • Stacks Image 39970
    Terry Meyers
    Rocky Mtn Bighorn Ram
    September 2016
    Terry is the Executive Director of Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society
    He saw 56+ rams before taking this one - #2 of his top 3 seen
  • Stacks Image 39950
    Mike Borel
    Mouflon Sheep
    Spain with Srdja Dimitrivic
    November 2016
    Now has finished 20 Ovis!
  • Stacks Image 39980
    Mike Borel
    SouthEastern Ibex
    Spain with Srdja Dimitrivic
    November 2016
    That makes 23 Capra!
  • Stacks Image 39995
    Henry McNatt III
    Gredos ibex
    “La Sierra” hunting area, Spain
    November 2016
  • Stacks Image 39985
    Henry McNatt III
    Alpine ibex
    Canton Valais, Switzerland
    Green scored 112.5 SCI
    November 2016
  • Stacks Image 40012
    Craig Van Arsdale
    Idaho Elk
    December 2016
    Belly crawling in a foot of snow the last 100 yards to shoot this bull at 190 yards
  • Stacks Image 40005
    Beverly Valdez
    New Mexico Elk, first elk
    Hunting with JFW Ranch Consulting
    October 2016
    An old 7x8 fighter taken with CA WSF 2016 Gun of the Year!
  • Stacks Image 40000
    Brendon Chuck
    17 year old Brendan Chuck of Oregon poses with his 168 7/8 California Bighorn and CA WSF Director Donald C. Martin
  • Stacks Image 40045
    Kyle Meintzer
    Illinois Whitetail
    November 2016
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